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The Raven Boys - First ThoughtsI had read some mixed reviews about this book. Some people loved it, while others could not get past the first few chapters. I had heard some things about the writing style being off-putting. I had never before read any of Steifvater's books before, so I was not familiar with her writing style good or bad. I decided to give this book a chance, and I was glad that I did.My ReviewI really enjoyed the story of The Raven Boys. Yes, the writing style and point of view is definitely strange. The book starts off slow as we meet the characters. We first meet Blue, learn about her family of psychics, and then The Raven Boys are all introduced in quite a bit of detail before any action really begins. If you can put in the time that Maggie takes to slowly introduce us to each of these characters, then you will be glad you did. As soon as Blue and Gansey meet, the story really takes off. After that point, you will not be focused on the strange writing style because you will be so involved with the characters and everything that is going on in the plot. This is a great spooky read that will constantly leave you guessing. I was impressed with Blue especially. Her personality is quirky and fun. She is a unique character that you will be rooting for. I also came to love each of The Raven Boys, because for all their faults, you will feel the pain in their lives. The end of this book promises more to come with a shockingly humorous final scene. It ties up just enough of the story that you feel satisfied, but at the same time leaves you wanting more. The cliff-hanger ending is a good one. I will be eagerly anticipating the next book in this series. I can't wait to find out what happens next!